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Welcome QCS Members

We are so happy that you are singing with us this season! Here you will find all the information you need to be the best QCS member you can be. Below we have listed the required concert attire and frequently asked questions. For more information about the board members and their responsibilities please see the “Board Members” page above. To learn the names and faces of your fellow QCS singers please click the “Who’s Who in QCS” page. Finally, for extra concert prep materials please see the “Additional Resources” page. If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed or noticed a part of the website that needs to be updated please let us know on the “Contact Us” page on the website. Thank you for your dedication. We will see you at our next rehearsal!

Rehearsal Information

The East Congregational Church

610 Adams Street, Milton, MA

Monday nights from 7:30-9:30pm

Parking is available behind the church and in the adjacent lot. Try to be in your seat by 7:25pm so we can start on time

Specific rehearsal schedules will be given out each September and January. These schedules also contain dates of concerts, extra gigs, and additional rehearsals. Be sure to make a note of them on your calendars! During the week of a major concert, there will be one or more additional rehearsals. Those rehearsals are held at our concert locale so they are important!

If you miss more than two rehearsals for a concert, Sarah can ask you to demonstrate that you really know the music. If you don’t know the music, Sarah might ask you to skip that concert.

Please always come prepared with your music, water, name tag, and a pencil to make notes while we sing.

Ask for the Elevator!

Do you need access to the elevator?

Just let us know and it can be unlocked and made available.

Most Recent Member FAQ Booklet

Have any questions?

Email QCS or ask at the next rehearsal!

Concert Attire

Any changes for a particular concert will be announced well in advance of the concert

All music must be put in a black folder.

PLEASE–NO perfume or cologne!!!! The person next to you may be allergic to it!!


QCS-issued long-sleeved black dress

Dark (black or off-black) stockings & black closed-toed shoes

QCS-issued pearl necklace with pearl (stud) earrings of your choice


Black suit

White shirt, black shoes, and black socks

Red bow tie for December

Black bow tie for other concerts